Thursday, 11 July 2013

I will carry you home in my teeth

So, I finally listened to this song by American folk group The Mountain Goats...I spent half a year getting annoyed by it showing up in searches, and now, numerous years later, I have finally said "Okay, okay, jesus I'll listen to you"'s really good! And it makes me want to check out more of this band's music - they remind me of Andrew Jackson Jihad and Defiance, Ohio and maybe a bit of Wingnut Dishwasher's Union (all great bands!). A good find if I say so myself!


the cave mouth shines
by pure force of will
i look down on the world

from the top of this lonesome hill

and you can run, and run some more

from here all the way to singapore
but i will carry you home in my teeth

in the great hall you drink red wine
you chew meat off the bone
i beat down the new path to the castle
i come naked and alone
i laid my son on the bier, i burned the wreath
fire overhead, water underneath
you can stand up or you can run
you and i both know what you've done
and i will carry you home
i will carry you home
i will carry you home in my teeth

And it turns out that it's really easy to play on guitar!
Find the chords here!
Now I gotta go play it over and over and annoy everyone in my house!

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