Sunday, 5 January 2014

PhD, or Goodbye Outside World

This will definitely be me

So, next week I start my PhD, and so, the end of my life as a free-woman shall ensue. There will pretty much be no changes to my blog seen as I'm concentrating on Beowulf and modern media, but I will be expanding my interests to Beowulf and Grendel, and not just the love of my life, Grendel's Mother. I am kind of wondering what the hell I have gotten myself into and if I'll get out of this alive, but fingers crossed I will get through this and emerge as someone who will hopefully be able to get a job, hopefully in my area of interest - best case scenario.

I started this blog for myself, as a means of trying to throw around ideas for this PhD notion I'd got into this head of mine, and cringe at my attempts at humour, and it has really helped me, and has grown into an empire with TWO followers (they're not even people I know personally, wow!). I would like to thank my friends who read my posts for god-knows-why reason, and I especially want to say a big thank you to Angelina Jolie for generating most of my page views...oh, and Eowyn's boobs of course!:

A screen print of the search keywords in the last month



  1. Half of me is jealous and half of me is "thank Gods that's not me" about the PhD pursuit. ~;)

    I follow because female monster/warriors in ancient and pop culture sources is my passion too, although my focus is on the Gaelic cultures. And I can relate on the pop culture hits being ahead of all others....especially references to women's body parts. *sigh*

    1. It's kind of ironic how most of the hits are for Angelina Jolie, seen as I give out about over-sexualisation...and then my blog is used to look up the photos of her. Argh!